Permanent and Removable Screenrooms

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These durable, maintenance free structures offer the best protection from insects and other airborn nuisances allowing you to make the best use of your outdoor space.  Make any patio or deck more comfortable and enjoyable, you'll love the Florida Room feeling they create. Online Brochure

Our removable screenrooms are made in our shop on PEI, these custom fabricated screen panels can be built to size for enclosing outdoor living space, existing overhangs, decks, gazebos and more.

If you have an outdoor area that goes unused due to insect problems, then you need to screen it. The difference it makes in your outdoor life is remarkable.  Why waste the space when you could have an enjoyable outdoor room for your personal enjoyment or entertaining guests. 

A screenroom provides the perfect outdoor space to make the fullest use of your existing property.  Enjoy your garden and backyard in comfort and style with a beautiful addition to your home.

If you also have an existing structure on your deck such as a pergola or gazebo we can custom build a screenroom or screen panel system to fit.

For roofed decks we can fabricate panels that, while removable, may also be left standing during the winter months as snow load will not be an issue.

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Tough enough to stand on... can't do that with your average screen!

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